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Please read the short reviews below to see what our clients say about us!

Our bespoke tour in November 2017 to Israel with Kingdom Holidays was second to none! Our travel arrangements ran smoothly, and Nicola our guide was amazing. We couldn’t have chosen better. Hazel and Linda made sure everything was in place for us throughout the tour and met with us afterwards for feed back. Well done ladies for reflecting Kingdom standards and may God continue to bless you abundantly. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to visit the Holy Land to experience this first class service provided by Kingdom Holidays.

Marie MacLeod, Tain New Wine Church

I thoroughly recommend Kingdom Holidays to you, as the Chair of Highland Friends of Israel, for helping you to plan any trip to the Holy Land of Israel. I worked with them to organise a budget level tour to Israel for those who would like to go to the land, but may not have been able to afford it. If interested even in principle please let Kingdom Holidays know! Thanks and Shalom!

Chris Kelsey, Highland Friends of Israel

Great to see the work of God moving in Inverness with my wonderful friends who own this travel company. Fantastic news supporting travel to the Holy Land. Amen xx

Christine De Agostini, VSO Models UK